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Anything but Love Poems

Anything But Love Poems is the unlikely title to an uncommon and powerful collection of love and relationship poems. Each poem takes you along the ups and downs of dating, marriage, abuse, divorce and finally finding the perfect union of two souls. It is an unfiltered journey through innocence lost, to brutal battles, and finding a touch of bliss. Anything But Love Poems appeals to both the love poem lover and hater as well. It is an honesty that is harsh at times. But the true heart is peaceful in the end.

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Mixtape Poetry

Poetry, music’s strange little cousin, plays song after song in both praise and respect of how the universal language of music is a necessity in every aspect of our lives. The poems in Mixtape Poetry dance to records, radios, and jukeboxes. They weep. They hum. This is a collection for everyone who loves music.

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Surviving the Sorrow

Ann Kestner delivers another powerful collection of poems fueled with genuine emotion and relatable human experience. Her words cradle without coddling. She captures the struggle for survival against sorrows in a voice uniquely her own yet relatable to all. The poems walk into suffering but never so deep as to make the reader drown. Throughout the book the words offer a balance of confronting the difficulties of our internal and external battles while simultaneously offering a sense of hope in a callous world of chaos. In the end, Surviving the Sorrow, redefines success and healing by acknowledging the need to accept there will never be anyone that achieves perfection. The book embraces the joy of comfort during times of trouble. It illustrates how our most sincere joy comes from the companionship of friends during our darkest and most troubling times and it helps readers recognize the happiness hidden within their own times of sorrow.

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Pigtails and Curls

Pigtails and Curls strips innocence away from youth without losing its gentleness. Even in the face of devastation, abuse, and disaster there remains a softness, even at times an optimism. The poems have a heart beating within them despite the harsh subjects tackled by the words. There is a fragility in the poems, each one almost at the edge of shattering under the painful realities of life. The scope of subjects is wide, from death to image issues to dreams crashing, hearts breaking and figuring out how to accept one’s self as one is.

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Gasoline is a high fueled collection of poems full of jagged edges and unapologetic sparks. From being beautifully brutal to bearing bleeding skin, the poems in this collection know what it means to be broken. There is an urgency and raw reality to the words. In each poem, Ms. Kestner strays away from the softness of her other books and puts on her worn leather.


Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Your Poetry to Literary Journals


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Beginners and even seasoned poetry submitters will find this well-organized guide surprisingly informative and easy to follow.  It covers more than just the very basics, delving into copyrights, tracking submissions, finding markets, discovering your goals for publishing and much more.

Ann Kestner has both the experience of years of submitting her work to journals and receiving submissions as the editor of Poetry Breakfast.  She shares her vast experience from both the poet’s and editor’s side.

Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Your Poetry to Literary Journals first emerged as guidebook only available to attendees at Ms. Kestner’s poetry submission workshops.  Now that it is available as a mini-eBook, anyone anywhere can gain the benefits and knowledge of her highly praised poetry submission workshops.