Ann Kestner is the founder and editor of the online literary journal Poetry Breakfast.  For over 25 years her poems have appeared in various journals including Mobius, Dime Show, Wildflower Muse, Calamus Journal, and many others sometimes under the pennames Isabel Kestner and Isabel Sylvan.  Her poem “Jukebox Girl” was the introduction poem to the inaugural issue of Memoir Mixedtapes.

Ann Kestner offers a unique voice, one that stems from a life often lived in the outskirts where she constantly searches for the beauty behind the shadows. She has never fully conformed to the academic literates or performance poets, instead she has developed a distinct style of her own. She is not fearful of difficult truths and heavy emotions, nor does she apologize for expressing them.

During 2017 she was the poet in residence and director at the Poetry and Arts Barn in Cream Ridge, NJ where she hosted a variety writing groups and poetry readings.  She currently runs reads a local poetry readings and travels with “Elly”, her manual  1930’s Royal typewriter gathering new entries into the “Book of Elly” from various people at various events.

While her work has been widely published in print and online, in 2018, she began producing a series of free eBooks through Poetry House Studios featuring themed collections of her poetry in an effort to provide the public with greater access to her work.

Originally from Bayville, NJ, she has lived from coast to coast spending time in Colorado and California.  After 20 years in Virginia she returned to NJ and now resides among the trees in Jackson, NJ. She can often be found at poetry readings throughout New Jersey.