Rebuilding the Wreckage

The process of rebuilding this site has started. What you don’t see here now is the mounds of rubble. All around me are piles of what I let come tumbling down. Things unattended to. Things I saw falling and felt too frail to catch. And worse thought not worth holding up.

Now I rummage through the rubble. My excavation just beginning. Are there keepsakes, treasures? Did any of the pictures that once decorated the walls survive? If I rebuild, is what’s here worth using to redecorate with? Can I paint better pictures?

Then of course that horrid horrid question: How do I do this differently this time? How do I be real? How do I use this to present the truth as I know it? Do I even know the truth about me? I think I’m still learning that.

I have my tool box. A few tools. Plenty of duct tape. Always need duct tape. And twine. A pair of scissors. Duct tape and twine. Used nails and screws I’ve saved. A hammer. Don’t under estimate the magnificent power and multitude of uses for a glue gun!

Time to get to work. Much, Much to do,
Ann Kestner

(Artwork ©Ann Kestner 2021 – Becoming My Own Beautiful Creature)