Mother, Take Me Back

Mother, Take Me Back

Take me back into the womb.
Mother. Your face has changed.
It has been decades since I left the
safety of you and your ability to keep
me secret, unviewed, loved
only in theory. Hope it is
healthy. Blessing. Baby. Be it boy
or girl, care not. Just that
it be and in being born
it be perfect. Because
each new life is made perfect.
Mother. Take me back to it.
Mother. Take me back
to fresh from the womb.
Flawless. Happy. Healthy.
Sexless. All future. No past.
Perfect. Take me back.


From, Gasoline, a free ebook , available FREE at iBooksBarnes & NobleKobo.  Also available as a downloadable PDF, Mobi file for Kindle, or just read online.

gasoline cover

Gasoline is a high fueled collection of poems full of jagged edges and unapologetic sparks.  From being beautifully brutal to bearing bleeding skin, the poems in this collection know what it means to be broken.  There is an urgency and raw reality to the words.  In each poem, Ms. Kestner strays away from the softness of her other books and puts on her worn leather.

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