Strange Things She Heard – A Poem

Strange Things She Heard

“Sit quietly,
we’ll take care of things.
Your hands are too weak.
Don’t sing,
your voice is too full of pain.
It’s just not a lovely thing.
That pretty girl across the street,
she’s the one who can sing,
not you. And don’t eat so much.
It’ll only make you uglier.
I tell you these things
for your own good.
You’re too stupid to know better.
So simple, you still think
that beauty is a flower.
You’re a lot to look after,
the way you walk in the woods
all day. Why can’t you make friends?
Stop staring at the sky.
God’s not gonna bother with
a useless girl like you.
Now tie your shoe.
You’re so clumsy,
I don’t want you to fall and
hurt yourself. Sometimes,
I swear you’re more trouble
then you’re worth. Just sit there
and try not to break anything
while I’m out.”

She just sat there, quietly,
choking on a song and a scream
forgetting the difference in-between.


Poem by Ann Kestner, from Mixtape Poetry, a free eBook available at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and others.

Photo by Alexandra Muchen.

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