When I Tried to Love You – A Poem by Ann Kestner

When I Tried to Love You

I wanted to break your shell,
wanted to drive my tank
through your brick wall.
I did not want to destroy you.
It was your army I wanted to kill,
your defenses I wanted to disarm.

Inside of that fortress
I would find you, complete
and clean as a carefully
loved child. And you
would welcome the rescue.

But when I found you,
you were not contained,
not hidden away, not
lost behind a barricade
of intricate armor and
magnificent defenses.

Nor were you in one
neat, innocent piece.

You were already broken,
shattered with all your
atoms scattered on
the dirt and filth that
covered the floor.

I could neither break you,
nor fix you.

The only worse damage I could
do was to overlook the places
where the pieces of your heart
had fallen.

And that is exactly what I did
when I tried to love you.



From Anything But Love Poems, a free eBook available at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and others.


Poem by Ann Kestner.  Photo by Fernando Gimenez.

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